Oil Change Service near Rising Sun, MD

Oil Change Service near Rising Sun, MD

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While your car may be fun to drive, it also comes with a slew of maintenance responsibilities to ensure that it is kept in its best shape. Like your own health, the best way to keep your vehicle running longer is to take care of it properly. This includes an oil change, which must get done on a regular basis. Lucky for you, Mitsubishi of Oxford will get your vehicle’s oil replaced in no time.

Why Get My Oil Changed?

The function of oil in your car is to assist in lubricating the gears and different components within your engine. Because these parts are made of metal and other corrosive material, the oil will help keep everything running smoothly without grinding up against one another. The new fluid is an amber, golden color, and it will turn dark and mucky after a while. This is because it picks up any dirt, dust, and debris within the engine that could hinder your vehicle’s function. But if that dirty liquid isn’t changed, it will start to dissipate and cause costly upsets to your car.

Signs of Old Oil

One defining indicator that something is afoot with your vehicle is when the “Check Engine” light illuminates. If that hasn’t lit up yet, there are other signs that you are due for an oil replacement. When you brake, does the engine screech as you come to a halt? That could be a sign of diminishing oil. Also, if you start picking up on the smell of oil within your cabin, you are in definite need of changing.

Our Services

Now that you know the importance of an oil change, you should also know that you can schedule an appointment right from the comfort of your own home. If you head over to our site, you can not only do that but also ask a technician anything you’d like beforehand. When you make your way to our service bay, you can rest easily knowing your car is in good hands. As the largest service facility in a 500 mile radius, you know you’re receiving quality care by our factory-trained and certified mechanics. Before you leave, be sure to go to our Specials tab and see what coupons we are currently offering!

Head to Mitsubishi of Oxford for your oil change service near Rising Sun, MD. We’re located at 2158 Baltimore Pike in Oxford, PA. Give us a call at 610-932-4646.

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Love the variety of cars!

Ashley Brynildsen
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I love all the variety of cars they have I even saw an old Chevy Traverse in blue

5 Stars!

Linda Teel
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5 Stars!

5 Stars!

Becky Friel
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5 Stars!

5 Stars!

Craig Blackburn
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5 stars!

Always appreciated the service we've gotten!

Linda Absher
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2015 purchased our 1st Mitsubishi sport because of the great service we purchased our 2nd Mitsubishi sport, a 2014. I have always appreciated the service we have gotten, thank you Scott and Marty and anyone else that has taken such care of our vehicles .

5 Stars!

Jose Juan Leon
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5 stars!

Outlander sport

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Great experience. No pressure sales. Great deal with extras.bob was great and very patient as I went and back and fourth with making my decision

Happy So Far

new mitsu
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We recently purchased a leftover 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport 2.4L 4WD from Mitsubishi of Oxford. So far, we cannot be more pleased. Our salesperson, Derrick Maule, got us a very good deal. We were trading two vehicles for this one and they were happy to work with us. And Derrick is a salesperson of integrity. He promised us complimentary touch-up paint and he delivered! We just returned from a 975 mile trip in the Outlander Sport. The drive was comfortable, the vehicle was capable (we were in hilly western New York state) and we got almost 32 MPG on the highway! And, so far, we see none of those "new car issues" that need to be corrected. We have about 2,500 miles on the vehicle and...so far, so good!

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